Wanna Zumba® in Columbia, SC?  Wanna dance  away up to 1000 calories?  What is ZUMBA® ?    ZUMBA® is a fusion of Latin and International music - dance themes that create a dynamic, exciting, effective fitness system!  It is a mixture of body sculpting movements with easy to follow dance steps to the hottest Latin and popular music.  It is based on the principle a workout should be "FUN AND EASY TO DO" allowing ZUMBA® participants to stick to the Zumba® Fitness program and achieve long-term health benefits.  A one hour class can burn up to 1,000 or more calories.  The moves are simple enough even beginners will get in step.    The easiest way to describe  ZUMBA® is it is a party!  If you are ready to  ZUMBA® in Columbia, SC check out my class info to find out where you can "Ditch the Work Out and Join the Party"!
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 Killian Recreation Center  
only $5.00 6:15 to 7:15pm
Monday and Thursdays
and Saturdays 10:00 to 11:00
Killian Park Recreation Center is only
10 minutes from anywhere in the Northeast.
1.  Directions from intersection of                  Hardscrabble and Clemson Roads
2.  Go towards Farrow Road.  Pass Taco       Bell, Lowes and Rite Aide
3.  Make a right onto Farrow Road
4.  Go about 1 mile and you will                      see the KILLIAN PARK sign.
5.  Make a right on to Marthan.                      You are at the park.
This website WWW.ZUMBAWITHCARMEN.COM is owned and operated by Carmen Thomas, a licensed member of the Zumba® Instructor Network. Please visit my profile at:https://www.zumba.com/en-US/profiles/25592/carmen-thomas/.
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Classes are only $5.00


 No SATURDAY classes the month of August! Saturday classes resume 9/13.  We are still on an poppin . . .
Mondays and Thursdays 6:15pm to 7:15pm.